1. Magma

    B4J Question Trying to figure "way" of connection?

    Well... Hi guys... the government and tax authorities want to connect ERP to POS and of course they have a declaration of compliance... all these must be done from 10/4 ~ 15/5... Yes... we need to be sure 100% that all EFT-POS of our market will connect with our ERP's !!! :-) - funny? not...
  2. sfsameer

    Share My Creation ERP, Create your app , Amazing CRM ,POS , Portable warehouse , XJobFinder .... For sale

    We have come a long way with B4A What an amazing month for us, Erel has really helped us with finding the best development platform. If i thank @Erel 1000 times a day it won't be enough. We are more than happy to announce the new crazy bundle :) 5 B4J Web Applications Source codes in one...
  3. sfsameer

    Share My Creation ERP System : Source Code

    Hello, Today i was browsing my laptop and suddenly i came across a folder names Quality ERP which is a system i developed back in 2018 when i first started learning B4J :) Please note the system is a simple ERP system and it's not like SAP or Oracle ERP ;) The system Contains : 1- Dashboard...