error handler

  1. B

    iOS Question B4i 6.5 how to use WebView.InitializeWithCustomConfiguration

    Can anyone please give an example for WebView.InitializeWithCustomConfiguration ?? as from b4i 6.5 WKWebView is used as inernal WebWiew library Is it possible to force this way the WebView will ignore Selfsigned certificate error or better to create handler for SSL errors and any other errors...
  2. Sgdva

    Android Question Dialogs library - Prevent Dialog Closing

    Background: I need to check for the input that the users feed the library dialog with; if it does not meet the criteria, the dialog should not close until it does or the user cancels. Basically, an EditText should not be empty (that is built into the library dialog). Problem: I have not found a...
  3. J

    Wish Catch Try Insert around existing code, instead of at top/insert point

    Just a small idea, but, I don't think I am the only one, but I have a habit of adding my error handlers after the majority of code is written. Currently when I go to insert a try, B4A automatically inserts the whole try catch Log(....) end tryBlock, right under where I have entered the...
  4. LucaMs

    B4J Tutorial Hint about ("remote") DB queries

    After (unfortunately) having write many functions (in a code module in my b4j server project) which access a MySql, I remembered a fundamental rule: use Try-Catch when accessing external resources. So I thought to change all the functions that access the DB (and unfortunately all the calls to...