1. Dave O

    Android Question CloudKVS: waiting for events from another module?

    Hi all, I'm using CloudKVS and trying to figure out a wait-for-data situation using events and resumable subs. I define my cloudKVS instance in a common code module called "c" (which I try to use for all global variables). I create the instance in my Starter module: c.ckvs.Initialize(Me...
  2. M

    Android Question Firebase send event

    How can I send an event named Service, for example, to the Google Firebase? And where can I observe this event in the Firebase console? Is it possible? And do I need to do anything from the Firebase console side?
  3. Sergio Haurat

    Android Question B4A_MiniSearchView (With an improvement made by me)

    Original Post: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4x-xui-minisearchview-autocomplete-field.93564/ In the application I'm developing, I need an event to be executed to capture the text. Line 2 and lines 84 to 86, within the Sub CLV_ItemClick, you can see the modifications of the...
  4. epiCode

    Android Question Clarification: Resumable Subs

    Small clarification needed regarding Resumable Sub/Wait for Event consumption I have a sub called TTSCompleted which is called by a lib in main code I use the following statement Wait for TTSCompleted When the event happens "Wait for" apparently resumes but the Sub TTSCompleted is not...
  5. M

    Android Question [SOLVED] Raise an event when app crashes

    Hi Is there a way to raise an event when the app crashes and do something (like run a service)? The idea is to send the sqlite db (via ftp in a service) when the app crashes. Thank you
  6. M

    Android Question IME_HeightChanged manifest

    Hi! I have added SetActivityAttribute(Main, android:windowSoftInputMode, adjustResize|stateHidden) to the manifest for using the Ime_heightChanged event but it only works if I add the same line one by one all the activities I need to handle de IME event. Is there a single line for the...
  7. M

    Android Question Click event of a panel not working

    Hi everyone, I have a Panel with insisde a Scrollview that fills the panel. I wish to handle the Click event of the panel, but it is not working, nothing happen when i click something where the scrollview is present. like if the the scrollview is acting as a shield between me and the panel. How...
  8. M

    iOS Question [B4X] Equivalent of Page_Click in B4XPages

    Hi everyone, i'm trying to translate a standard project in b4xpages. i pretty finished doing it. The last thing remaining to complete the "translation" is: How can i get the _Click event when i press on the page? before i was using PageEventName_Click Thanks in advance
  9. magicmars

    Android Question Event "onSelectionChanged" when cursor change in editext

    Hi, I need to do something when the user change the cursor position in an editText. There is natively no event to handle the cursor changing position in an Edit text (it just handle the text and focus changing). As i can see , it's possible to create such a listener in java with class override...
  10. M

    Android Question AdMob Stop sending ads

    hi, i recently used admob. I created one Native ad, it started working some days ago. Today i created other two native ads, after that i stopped receving the ads, even the first one i created some days ago (the event doen't trigger..) It is normal? is an admob behaviour? Thanks!
  11. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] - Image view with repeat click event handler

    Greetings. I plan to create a couple of image views that will increment or decrement a slider only if they do a long click and keep their finger on the views. Does B4A have an image view that has a rapid change property like one from the B4XPlusMinus view?
  12. M

    iOS Question Fire an event from a class

    Hi, where can I find some documentation/tutorial on #event in B4i class? I want to add a custom event in a code module, fired by my class. thanks
  13. M

    iOS Question Check if the WiFi and the Mobile Data are enabled

    How can i check if the Wifi and Mobile Data are enabled (not connected). And what is the event that triggers when one of those two change
  14. F

    Android Question FloatLabeledEditText change Hint color in event EnterPressed

    Hi, i want to change the color of the hint in a FloatLabeledEditText in the _EnterPressed Event. When the field is filled with a value the hint should not appear in "disabled" version. It should have a "normal" color.

    Android Question Button Click with passing parameters

    Hello, I have a sub that fill a custom view with a product list. The _ItemClick event is handling perfectly his job , when we are clicking into the global item line, but : that product list (code below) have 2 kind of added buttons which have to launch (with button_Click) 2 differents script...
  16. K

    Android Question Check only one checkbox

    I want to uncheck all another checkbox of that same event, when new check box checked.
  17. M

    Android Question [SOLVED] KeyPress Event Unmanageable

    Hi, everyone, i'm coding an app, and i wanted to do it graphically catchy, so i designed my own msgBox in the designer, and i display it using the custom B4XDialog and loading the layout i did. Now, the problem is that it doesn't aumatic handle the KeyPress Back event, so you have to do it...
  18. M

    B4A Class Draggable View [Edited - Swipe Gesture]

    Hi everyone, this class is an edit of this class from Erel: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/classes-are-soon-coming.18395/ I've done some changes to achieve an animated "Swipe gesture (left to right)" If you swipe all the way right to the trigger point, you can trigger an event...
  19. C

    Android Question Invoking multiple activities back-to-back w/o an event

    Newbie question. I modified the Two Activities example to see if I could learn how to call multiple activities without an event. I copied Activity2, modified it slightly and named it Activity3. I was able to call multiple activities by using the click event of multiple buttons. But how do you...
  20. Myr0n

    Android Question How can I add a new event in xCustomListView?

    Hello As far as I know xCustomListView now is included as internal library (lib version 1.67) but a not long time ago was a custom view until version 1.66. My question is, how can I add an #Event: ItemLongClick (Index As Int, Value As Object) and use it in my app since there is not included the...