1. R

    Android Question Unable to access resource from Network path for ExoPlayer

    I am attempting to access a network resource to play using ExoPlayer. The Android test device appears to be able to access my NAS using Astro File Manager without problem. This code (direct copy from the ExoPlayer example) is causing the issue:- player1.Initialize("player") Dim sources As List...
  2. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] - Listening for when audio from a video or sound file is played from another app

    Greetings, I'm currently using this coding to detect when the phone state changes when the phone app is on a phone call. Is there something like it to detect when audio from another app starts playing? I want to use the same type of coding to mute the exoPlayer volume as soon as another app...
  3. sentechnologies

    Android Question How to play youtube video in ExoPlayer

    In ExoPlayer, i can able to play youtube video using the following code...
  4. mare1980k1

    Android Question Exoplayer - how to fill to the edge or how to distort aspect ratio in video?

    I am using Exoplayer library for videos, but it only has default "contain", which keeps the aspect ratio. Is it possible to change this to Fill - thus to distort the video a little? Thank you so much, Kind regards
  5. Abdou1283

    Android Question Exoplayer Controller Visibility

    Hi, there is a way to check exoplayer controller visibility programmatically ??
  6. Abdou1283

    Android Question Exoplayer Error

    I m using exoplayer in my app . I have been added listener method "addListener". It works very fine in android 9.0 and android 8.1 and 7.0. But when running on android 4.4.2 i get this error (cannot get methods of class: com.google.android.exoplayer2.simpleexoplayer, disabling cache.) What's the...
  7. ncgege

    Android Question Exoplayer subtitle issue

    Hi,Erel I've saw one example you wrote on our form,https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/exoplayer-subtitles.93712/ and I did like these codes ,just change the srt file and video to mine ,the playerview works but don't show the subtitle. can you have a look at these codes,thank you. Sub...
  8. mcqueccu

    Android Question [SOLVED] Exoplayer Eventlistener ClassNotFoundException

    Hello, I used this code for a radio streaming apps which worked previously. Dim jo As JavaObject = Starter.exo Dim event As Object = jo.CreateEventFromUI("com.google.android.exoplayer2.ExoPlayer$EventListener", "statechanged", False) jo.GetFieldJO("player").RunMethod("addListener"...
  9. sentechnologies

    Android Question How to play Youtube Channel Live in ExoPlayer

    anyone give he a solution to play youtube live channels in exoplayer
  10. sentechnologies

    Android Question ExoPlayer not playing stream video

    Hi, in my app exoplayer is working fine when TargetAPI is 26, but it is not working when i set target API to 28.
  11. A

    Android Question ExoPlayer and EQLib

    Hello! Is it possible to use the Equalizer Library (EQLib) together with the Exoplayer? I can't get the AudioSessionId of the Exoplayer. Always returns '0'. Dim R As Reflector R.Target=Player1 R.Target=R.GetField("player") Dim AudioSessionId As Int = R.RunMethod("getAudioSessionId")
  12. Abdou1283

    Android Question disable SSL certificate checking for exoplayer

    hi all. how can i do to disable SSL certificate checking when playing m3u8 file in exoplayer. thanks in advance.
  13. sentechnologies

    Android Question ExoPlayer Streaming Error handling Techniques

    how to handle the error in exoplayer, when the HSL server is not streaming? is there any wrapper for advanced options?
  14. sentechnologies

    Android Question Exoplayer Library : HSL playback error in Android 9 (SDK28)

    In exoplayer library am facing error while connecting to HSL streaming server in android 9, it always shows 404 error. but, the same is working well in android 7 and below. please help me to overcome this issue
  15. mcqueccu

    Android Question Exoplayer "getPlackbackState Not found" error when checking for buffering state

    I want to be able to know when my radio streaming app is buffering or idle but i kept getting this error. Sub Process_Globals Dim exoplay As SimpleExoPlayer Dim connect As String = "http://streaming.shoutcast.com/LeafeCodesOnline?lang=en-US%2cen%3bq%3d0.9" Dim tm As Timer End Sub...
  16. mcqueccu

    Android Question How do I Check if Exoplayer isplaying or paused?

    Please am streaming a radio and I have a button to toggle if exoplayer is playing or paused. But am finding it difficult to check if Exoplayer Isplaying just like in the mediaplayerstreamer lib so that i can display the correct button.
  17. M

    Android Question User-agent exoplayer

    Hi everyone, i tried to change the user-agent of exoplayer i tried with the code that error wrote here https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/exoplayer-user-agent.86695/#post-548886 Without succes, i don't know if i have to initialize the view or create a layout with the designer. Error...
  18. M

    Android Question buffer on exoplayer

    Hi everyone, it's possible to change the buffer size and the number of buffer segments in exoplayer, i tried with Donmanfred librarie's exoplayertextureview, but i need to add subtitles too, and i dont know how to acomplish this in textureview. Any ideas?
  19. M

    Android Question ExoPlayer subtitles

    its posible to load srt in exoplayer, i think in the lib is missing that part. any advice? thanks in advance
  20. Shivito1

    Android Question Exoplayer Full screen

    I found the following https://geoffledak.com/blog/2017/09/11/how-to-add-a-fullscreen-toggle-button-to-exoplayer-in-android/ I opened the ExoPlayer.xml and can not find the tags specified in the instructions from the geoffledak sites instructions. ................... Update question I need to...