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  1. Mashiane

    B4J Tutorial [BANanoWebix] Lesson 8.3 Datatable Pagination & Exporting to XLSX, PNG, PDF and CSV

    Ola Lesson 8.1 Lesson 8.2 Lesson 8.3 Lesson 8.4 As per subject matter this lesson is about a data-table with a pager and also functionality to export its contents to PNG, PDF, CSV and XLSX. It's so amazing that with just a few object (map) settings and then a few simple calls webix does...
  2. Widget

    Wish "Export as Zip" does not put files from "Shared Modules" in a separate directory

    When I execute File > Export As Zip, it will create a zip file of the project folder and the Shared Modules folder, which is fine. But B4A adds all of the files from my Shared Modules folder to the project directory in the zip file instead of creating a separate folder for these files. If I...