1. MegatenFreak

    Android Question Questions about B4XTable (RTL orientation and having custom panels within the table)

    Hello everyone. I'm writing an Android version of a desktop app I wrote. Unfortunately, the B4J code hasn't used B4XTable, just the default TableView. Learning that in B4A there is no TableView view like in B4J, I came to the conclusion that I must use B4XTable, hence the following issues: 1...
  2. MegatenFreak

    B4J Library Persian Date Picker View (Independent from B4XView)

    Hi everybody. This is a Persian date picker I wrote. It doesn't use B4XView and has no special requirements. Displaying the date picker pop-up is done with code. It works as a ResumableSub. To use it: 1. simply add "PerPicker.bas" to your project; 2. Provide its main function with a parent node...
  3. MegatenFreak

    B4J Question Making CheckBox text appear on its left side

    Hello. I'm having checkboxes with Farsi text which is a right-to-left language. So, naturally, a checkbox should appear on the right side of its text, and everything must be aligned to the right. I've been playing around with CSSUtils and direct style properties without success. Can anyone...