1. A

    Android Question Firebase Cloud Messaging Push Notifications

    Hi all. My question is - does it have any limitation for a number of characters? Like SMS for example? Thanks
  2. Ohanian

    iOS Question Problem with FCM Push and iOS 13

    Hello, We're developing an app for a customer, he needs push capability so we use FCM, in the development phase we've checked sending and receiving push and everything was fine, but after publishing app on the app store it seems some of the devices are unable to receive push message, even our...
  3. jimich

    B4J Question fcm not push through b4j

    Hi to all! I can receive notification (in b4a) through firebase notification console but I can't receive when it send through b4j. Here's my code: 'libraries: 'jCore(Version:6.00) 'jOkHttpUtils2_NONUI (Version 2.62) 'Json (Version 1.10) 'OkHttp (Version 1.20) 'Non-UI application (console /...
  4. Seneca

    Spanish FirebaseNotifications. ¿Es posible consultar a Firebase a qué temas se está subscrito?

    Hola. Un dispositivo puede subscribirse a uno o varios temas de FirebaseNotifications. Al respecto me surgen dos dudas. La primera es si existe algún método por el cual un usuario puede consultar desde la App a qué temas está subscrito. La segunda es: Desde el panel de administración de...
  5. QtechLab

    B4J Question FCMPush Authentication issue

    Hi, I would like to send notification to specific device with the B4J server. I have the Firebase token of the destination device. I'm in trouble with Firebase authentication. This is the code, FCMPush with little variation: 'Non-UI application (console / server application) #Region Project...