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    Android Question WebView - Html FilePicker doesn't work

    Hi, I've been trying to upload a file from a webview but when I click on "Choose file" nothing happens. I've searched on the Internet and it seems like I should override the method "openFileChooser" but I'm not sure how to (or if I can) do that on B4A...
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    Android Question FilePicker Dialog Checkmark box not visible

    Using the FilePicker library in one of my projects it is hard to see the checkboxes on the right side of the filename to be selected. Is there any way to change the color of the checkboxes so that the are clearly visible?
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    Android Question FilePicker Dialog

    Hello, Having trouble with selection of a file in FilePicker Dialog. When running the program I can see a window with all the folders in a dialog window. After selecting a map, I can see the files in the map. But when trying to select a file nothing happens. All I can do is use the button Cancel...