1. Star-Dust


    To kill time (coronavirus takes care of it for us) and to distract myself from the situation I thought of creating a new CustomView. Different give the possibility to insert different search keywords, for example when inserting TAGs in B4X threads. I wanted to do it for B4X and I started...
  2. Alexander Stolte

    B4J Question jServer limit request per minute

    Hey, how can i set a limit for request from the same IP for example in one minute? with AddDosFilter("/*",CreateMap("maxRequestsPerSec": 10,"delayMs": -1)) i can set the max request per sec from the same ip, but this is too short... Greetings
  3. WebQuest

    Android Example Filter the Contents of a ListaVieW By Sql code

    This example shows how to filter the contents of a database and load the results in a listview using an edittext. for each letter entered in edittext the results are shown in the listview. It could be useful for someone. Sub EditText1_TextChanged (Old As String, New As String) Dim ListRow(1000)...