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  1. H

    Android Question Firebase Maven artifact not found:

    Hi there, since the new version of B4A 9.80 I always get the Firebaser error "Maven artifact not found: / firebase-ads". I have already tested Android 24 through 29. Everywhere the same mistake. Android Studio, SDKs and B4A have already been reinstalled. B4A's SDK Manager...
  2. A

    Android Question [Resolved] AdMob no Ads appears

    Hi All, I am very new to the AdMob, I have followed exactly the steps on the links below: I am not...
  3. Flavio SOuza

    Android Question Banner Adaptive Admob

    Hello I noticed that on some devices the banner is cutting. That's bad! I wonder if you have how to implement Adaptive Banners on B4A. I've been grateful for the attention. Hugs!
  4. EdisonMales

    Android Question (SOLVED) Firebase Admob problem ErrorCode = 3 EVER

    My APP worked correctly until July. This month I notice a reduction in my income and I began to verify why? and I realize that my ads are not showing what I checked from some phones, from users in different cities. Can someone tell me if I change something or I have to update something. This...
  5. G

    Android Question Add Ads to B4A 5.70. Is it possible?

    Hi to everyone. I used to implement the AdMob library to the project. However, now when I start the app on the smartphone, the app crashes. I read on the AdMob Library that it was no longer working, and so it was replaced by the Firebase AdMob Library. The problem is that in needs B4A 6.0+ to...