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  1. ArminKh1993

    GoogleMobileAds(FirebaseAdmob 2021)

    Hi there;) Ok,I think the time has come to release my library over the new version of Google Mobile Ads SDK. This library is fully compatible with the new version(20.0.0) of GoogleMobileAds SDK. Have a look at it. ( All changes in the link...
  2. S

    Android Question Tapping on ads does not work

    I have gone through the hoops to implement AdMob ads with the FirebaseAdMob library. I have ads displaying in the app and the AdMob dashboard shows some impressions, so it seems to be implemented correctly. However, tapping on the ads has no effect - there is a flash on the ad background...
  3. S


    Hi two years ago using B4A I developed and published an Italian game named SCOPA84 available for Android and iOS stores. In the game there are a Banner and Interstitial AD. All works fine until February 20 than only for the Android version the banner and interstitial are no longer showed. (For...
  4. Lyndon Bermoy

    Android Question Maven Artifact not found:

    Hi everyone, I am developing an app with adds so that I can monetize it in Google Playstore since I am broke due to covid-19. I followed all the tutorial based on Firebase admobs. But I encounter an error from opening the b4a file which says Maven Artifact not found...
  5. H

    Android Question Firebase Maven artifact not found:

    Hi there, since the new version of B4A 9.80 I always get the Firebaser error "Maven artifact not found: / firebase-ads". I have already tested Android 24 through 29. Everywhere the same mistake. Android Studio, SDKs and B4A have already been reinstalled. B4A's SDK Manager...
  6. A

    Android Question [Resolved] AdMob no Ads appears

    Hi All, I am very new to the AdMob, I have followed exactly the steps on the links below: I am not...
  7. Flavio SOuza

    Android Question Banner Adaptive Admob

    Hello I noticed that on some devices the banner is cutting. That's bad! I wonder if you have how to implement Adaptive Banners on B4A. I've been grateful for the attention. Hugs!
  8. ermales

    Android Question (SOLVED) Firebase Admob problem ErrorCode = 3 EVER

    My APP worked correctly until July. This month I notice a reduction in my income and I began to verify why? and I realize that my ads are not showing what I checked from some phones, from users in different cities. Can someone tell me if I change something or I have to update something. This...
  9. German Buchmuller

    Android Question Add Ads to B4A 5.70. Is it possible?

    Hi to everyone. I used to implement the AdMob library to the project. However, now when I start the app on the smartphone, the app crashes. I read on the AdMob Library that it was no longer working, and so it was replaced by the Firebase AdMob Library. The problem is that in needs B4A 6.0+ to...