Android Question (SOLVED) Firebase Admob problem ErrorCode = 3 EVER


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My APP worked correctly until July.
This month I notice a reduction in my income and I began to verify why? and I realize that my ads are not showing what I checked from some phones, from users in different cities.
Can someone tell me if I change something or I have to update something.
This month perform a b4a update from 9.0 to 9.3 by performing all the steps in this tutorial , compile my app and load a PlayStpre and then my problem, I don't know if it's the b4a, the library I use is firebase admob 1.55

When testing with the developer ids that admob provides if it works but with my advertising id not.


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Check the logs including the unfiltered logs. Make sure to handle the FailedToReceiveAd event.

the FailedToReceiveAd event always gives me an error code 3.

investigating I realize that the steps to implement admob has changed a bit
specifically I don't know how to perform the steps

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