firebase notification

  1. Marcos Alves

    iOS Question Custom Sound in Firebase Notification

    Hello all, in Firebase Notification using IOS there is a specific key that contains the sound to be played, like this: $iosAlert = array( 'title' => "Atention", 'body' => "You have a new order!", 'sound' => "default" )...
  2. yoji

    Android Question Topic sync or token retrieval failed on hard failure ( FCM )

    Hi.. can someone here tell me, why do I get an error like this : Topic sync or token retrieval failed on hard failure exceptions: PHONE_REGISTRATION_ERROR. Won't retry the operation. I have a test with a real device and an emulator, the FCM emulator works fine and gets a token. But on my...
  3. D

    Android Question Problem with firebase notification

    Hi I create a simple messanger app and use firebase notification for receive new message. I use firebase like this: It usually works well but some time firebase not receive any...
  4. P

    Android Question NB6 Firebase Messaging

    I am creating notifications using FirebaseMessaging. I have used some of the functions mentioned here. Scenario : Send two or more notifications to the android app. When the target is set to a service name in, the corresponding "service_start" is executed only when the first...