Android Question Push Notification While app is not running


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Hello everyone!

I read a lot of posts about this issue, but I did not succeed to find a solution.
I use firebase notification.

Is there any way that my app can show the notification while is not running?
As I saw logs, I received the Message, but the method notification.notify doesn't do anything.

Thank you in advance.


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It seems this is highly dependant on lots and lots of factors, where most of them are out of your control. Such as how much the mobile company have strangled their version of the OS (*), and so on. You should probably not rely on them for messages that are important to reach the user.

(*) They sell many more phones by claiming long battery times, which is why they strangle and kill lots of stuff for the apps on their devices. On the other hand, they wouldn't sell any extra phones by saying "we guarantee all push messages will arrive!"
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