1. rtek1000

    B4J Question DoEvents alternative

    I saw a recommendation not to use DoEvents: Source: But the window freezes if you don't use something to wait a while. And Windows O.S. notifies you that the window is not responding. I managed to read...
  2. M

    Android Question "Heavy work" and freezing - multithread?

    Hi everyone, I've an app that need to download an huge dataset. We are talking about making a http request the return a json of 8000 rows, that need to be stored in a local SQL DB in the device. Now.. the problem is the following: downloading and storing all the rows in the DB takes a while...
  3. M

    Android Question Annoying black/gray screen before the app start

    Hi everyone, I finished my app, but there is an imperfection that annoy me.. Before the app actually start there is a black/gray screen. The problem is that in the main Activity_Create is veeeery simple, same for Starter Service it is just: Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime as Boolean)...
  4. V

    Android Question AutoBackup freezes b4a every 1 minute: Can timing be changed or disabled

    Every 1 minute b4a autobackup creates a new folder in the AutoBackups folder and then after a few seconds the folder disappears again. Very irritating since it for a few seconds pauses me editing the program while this goes on. b4a basically freezes while it is doing the autobackup evey 1...