Android Question AutoBackup freezes b4a every 1 minute: Can timing be changed or disabled


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Every 1 minute b4a autobackup creates a new folder in the AutoBackups folder and then after a few seconds the folder disappears again. Very irritating since it for a few seconds pauses me editing the program while this goes on. b4a basically freezes while it is doing the autobackup evey 1 minute.

My project folder is on a server disk so there is normally a delay when accessing it.
There is 5 backups in it already.

Can I change the timing of the autobackup retries, alternative disable it, because this is unworkable.
It is not really a feature I needed since I do my own backup copies regularly of the whole project folder and the autobackups just makes them unnecessary bigger.


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When I discovered what made b4a halt constantly, I timed it while watching the autobackups directory.
A file was created there every 1 minute and then disappeared after a few seconds.
I assume backup failed since the last remaining autobackup file is dated the day before all this happened.

I was running Debug mode at the time, but it was no different in other modes.
Had done several compiles and installs on a tablet using b4a bridge at the time of timing.
I also had rebooted fresh in case a waiting upgrade was slowing the pc, before I discovered what it was.
Possibly it waited 10 minutes before it tried it first time.
Could the backup failure have had something to do with the icon file. I choose a new file and deleted the old one, then synced the files folder. But every time I open the project it says the old file is missing.

I have disabled AutoBackup now, thanks DonManfred.