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    Android Question Problem with Length function in B4XTable SQL

    Just started to experiment with B4XTable, using the provided example project as provided by Erel in the first post regarding B4XTable. I added some extra options to the search facility, edited the Subs: Public Sub BuildQuery Private Sub ImplUpdateDataFromQuery Public Sub BuildQuery...
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    iOS Question Function caller

    Hi all. Let's say we have a code like this private sub A dim abc as string ' Call a function abc=dosomething() end sub private sub B dim cde as string ' Call a function cde=dosomething() end sub private sub dosomething() as string dim CallerName as string '...
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    Android Question passing field name in function

    i make function to get value of any field :: Sub function(sqlite As SQL,book As String,accode As String,return_field) As String Return sqlite.ExecQuerySingleResult2("select '" & return_field & "' from GL where FBOOK = ? and FACCODE = ?", _ Array As...
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    Android Question sqlite query with function

    I have a query "select *,closing as closing(parameter1,parameter2) from temp" how to pass this query i have to used function how to do that?