1. A

    Android Question Latitude and longitude of incoming call

    Hi all. Is it possible to get a geolocation (lat/long) of incoming call? The idea is to show a caller's location on a google map. I understand that it might not work in case of spoofing, VOIP or a landline. Thanks.
  2. I

    Android Question Geolocation Error

    Good afternoon, I would appreciate your help as the Geolocation V1.11 library is generating an error, this error occurs on some devices with Android 7 and 8. This Code Use Sub Activity_Create (FirstTime As Boolean) 'Do not forget to load the layout file created with the visual designer. For...
  3. DavideV

    B4A Class Reverse geolocation with OpenStreetMap

    Hello developers, i wrote a simple class to obtain the full address (if available) from a given Latitude and Longitude location. The address, along other more or less useful info, is obtained from the online nominatim server that makes use of the OpenStreetMap. The pros is that it doesn't...
  4. Beknazar

    Android Question To see the user's geolocation

    Hi everyone. I want to create an application for a GPS tracker, where you can see the user's geolocation. Does anyone have any examples? Or something like that. Thanks.