global variable

  1. Marcos Alves

    Android Question B4XPages Code

    Hello all, it's known that the best place to put startup code to check parameters and data for app initialization (like creation tables on new databases, environment variables and so on) in Android/B4A is in the start service, as well as the right choice to put global variables is in the...
  2. Martin Larsen

    Bug? Local variable overrides global

    I have a global and local variable with the same name. If I change the local variable, it overrides the global one. Example below. Demo is also attached. This is not how it works in other languages. A local variable will never override a global variable. Bug or "feature"? Sub Globals...
  3. Chris160179

    B4R Question ESP8266 connect to mySQL and copy to global variable

    Hello everybody, i need a little bit help. I know it is not the best idea to connect a ESP/Arduino to a SQL Database but i need this to reduce the complexity of my project. There are better and faster Solutions like this...