Android Question Where to keep the global variables?


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I am trying B4A code to receive notifications via FCM such as Erel example
The app has only one activity for entering configuration data that are saved by writing to a text file
When the app starts, it displays the configuration screen, which disappears after 60 seconds (via a timer)
After another minute or so, from the log I see that the FirebaseMessaging and Starter service are also destroyed (in reality the Starter remains active)
When the app is in this state, if I send an fcm notification from a pc, the app correctly receives and executes the code on fm_MessageArrived
But if in the fm_messageArrived code there are some global variables defined in the Main-Process_Globals, they appear as empty, even if they have been correctly set at the start of the program in the Main module

The question is: in order for the code on FirebaseMessaging / fm_MessageArrived to correctly see some global variables that must also be accessible also to other modules/services of the app, where to place them?