1. amorosik

    B4J Question Overlapping images + text, on Google Maps markers

    I use jGoogleMaps to display a map and markers with the positions of some cars For each car I have a small image that is used to display the car on the map In addition to the position I would also like to indicate the direction of the individual cars and a text to indicate the speed and the...
  2. Sapta

    Android Question How to create a gmap polyline to smooth the line and how to implement StartForeground ?

    Hi all, I created a program to track when running. The obstacles I found, 1. How to write in the gmap so that it is smooth? because this time the result is like this (the lines are stiff, especially at the turn). I use this code, is there anything missing ? pl = GMap.AddPolyline...
  3. R

    B4J Question Google Maps marker

    In google maps for android we have the possibilty, to load and manipulate the bitmaps, that are used for markers. In google maps for bj4, we use files in assets folder to set the markers. I want try to manipulate the markers to give the users a bit more information, so 5 different colors could...