google calendar

  1. A

    Android Question Create a reminder

    Hi all. I need to create reminder that will remind to the user to clock out from his shift (my app does clock in / clock out check). I check the forum and I found the libraries GoogleCalender and calendar2 ver. 1.13 So my question is - is it possible to create a reminder if the user doesn't...
  2. K

    B4J Question Problem Adding Event to Google Calendar

    SOLVED. See next post for code. I have succesfully added a "quick event", but I am having difficulties when I try to add an "event" to Google Calendar, as I am getting the 400 error message: "Missing end time." I suspect that maybe the nested objects "start" and "end" are not correctly sent...
  3. DonManfred

    Android Tutorial Working with Calendars using ContentResolver (Query, Insert, Update, Delete)

    Hello, i´m playing around with the Calendars on my Device and want to Query them. I found out how it works using ContentResolver querying the ContentProvider available in Android. You can find it documented here. I started using java code and a java-librarywrapper for this but then i realized...