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    Hi guys, Used to work 2 years ago but things have changed I need to: 1. Snap Picture 2. Get Text - using Google Vision OCR API USD 50 is fine? But payment has to be made through Wise (Transfer Wise) cause PayPal doesn't work for me to link Debit Cards in Malaysia Direct bank-to-bank can...
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    Android Question [B4X] Barcode Reader strange behaviour

    Hi everyone, i tried out this Barcode Reader, it worked perfectly. ( I initialized my phone because it was full of junk. I tried the app reader after the process terminated, and it said "Faild to load detector"... so...
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    iOS Question B4i Google Vision Library request

    Good morning, there is any possibility to have a library for B4i that interface the Google Vision API, just like the good one from DonManfred? Thank you for your answer.