1. mmieher

    Android Question GoogleOAuth2 Token - How to Make it Last Longer?

    Can the Token last longer than an hour? I must not be handling things correctly? My App makes the User authenticate far too often.
  2. mmieher

    Android Question Google oAuth2 B4xPages CallFromResume

    How does one do this from a B4XPages project without cluttering up the Main module (which we are not supposed to do): oauth2.CallFromResume(Activity.GetStartingIntent) oAuth2 is initialized/used in a B4XPage. Marc
  3. Dave O

    Android Question Google Drive / Oauth - handling if they close the permissions web page?

    Thanks to this post about Google Drive from @fredo , I've got Google Drive working in my app for backing up and restoring data files. Question: What happens if the user, when they're prompted by OAuth2 to authenticate (login with their Google account and give my app permission to access their...
  4. S

    B4A Library Error: Attribute not supported:event in GoogleOAuth2

    I am trying to build an app that stores a database file in google drive. In order for the app to access google drive. GoogleAuth2 is needed. But I am getting an error that, "Attribute not supported: event" in the GoogleOauth2 which I got from the Thread...