1. P

    Android Question GooglePlayBilling v5.00 Errors

    Hello, i have some apps published which include in-app subscriptions, i want to update them now and in order to do that, it is required to update to a newer version of GooglePlayBilling because the version 3 that i used till now is deprecated. I have followed all the steps from here , including...
  2. F

    Android Question Problems with in app purchses

    I get this error in Crashlytics Fatal Exception: java.lang.RuntimeException Unable to start activity ComponentInfo{appname/}: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'android.content.IntentSender...
  3. DavideTr94

    Android Question GooglePlayBilling - Change subscription type

    Good morning everyone, in my App there are 5 different types of subscription, each with different prices but all lasting one month. I should make a function that allows the user to upgrade a service by purchasing a different subscription: To go from "pui_cloud_lvl1" (1.99 €) to...