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Hello, i have some apps published which include in-app subscriptions, i want to update them now and in order to do that, it is required to update to a newer version of GooglePlayBilling because the version 3 that i used till now is deprecated.

I have followed all the steps from here , including using this method to start the billing flow, however while testing i am not able to launch the billing flow because the Billing_SkuQueryCompleted result returns isSuccess=False with the following log in debug mode:
BillingResult IsSuccess = False, ResponseCode = FEATURE_NOT_SUPPORTED
Debug string: Client does not support ProductDetails.
With some googleing i found that the play store needs to be updated to the latest version for the v5 billing to work correctly, the problem is that my device already has the latest play store version installed, and even if it didn't i am sure some user's device won't, resulting in a user not being able to purchase a subscription within my app.

I have been able to successfully launch a billingflow from some devices but not all, and i am talking about relatively new devices such as my Redmi Note 8 Pro which cant seem to work, this proves that my code is indeed correct.

Has anyone before came across this error? and if yes how did you solve it?

I think a good solution for now is to use the v4 version but it was never available as a library, it jumped from v3 to v5, how easy would it be to downgrade to v4?

Thank you.


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I had a similar problem in my Galaxy A71.
The billing worked in others devices (Moto G4, Redmi 9A), but don't in the A71.

The solution that I found is clear the data of the Google Play App and update the app:

Not the ideal to the subscriber, but I don't know if is there a soluction by code (upgrade or downgrade).
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