1. M

    iOS Question Hide TabController in one page (full screen) and display in others

    Hi everyone. I structred my app like so: - Splashscreen (where I test the internet connection) - Login Page - Home Page I would like to use TabBarController (i already did other post in order to understand how to use this thing), but i need it only in Home Page. In splashscreen and Login Page...

    Android Question keyboard hidding field

    hello, Please, do have an idea for that : how to prevent keyboard to hide field when filling it ? Thanks Michel

    Android Question hidding strings into the code

    Hello, For security, Is it necessary, and if yes what is the best method to do for: Hidding particulary parameters or constant or var into the code, like : Public PhaRcs As String = "Mypassword" ' Password Public WebSite As String = "https://www.MyWebSite.com" ' Url Public...
  4. Lucas Eduardo

    Android Question Hide my info from the fiddler program

    Hi community, I am studying a way to hide my information from being shown in the Fiddler Program, but I did not succeed. I was reading in the stackoverflow forum and I came across a post similar to my doubt. In it is placed a code that prevents you from using Proxy while you are using your...