1. LusazDeveloper

    iOS Question Is it possible to hide the title bar of a single page in my B4XPages App?

    Hello! I'm creating a B4XPages app and though I'm focus on iOS. I wonder if is it possible to hide the title and the bar where the title appears of a single page ? I saw a solution in this forum but it works with all the pages and I would like to hide only the title bar of my login screen which...
  2. red30

    iOS Question Keyboard hides TextView on popup

    I tried to use the example from the CalcRelativeKeyboardHeight Example and found a strange bug there. If I call the keyboard, then everything moves up (this is how it should be), but now if I move the list up and call the keyboard again (by clicking on the TextView), then the list is...
  3. rleiman

    Android Question B4XFloatTextField _TextChanged view not initialised error

    Greetings, In my logs I get an error telling me to initialise the view. I thought that loading a layout was enough to initialise the text view but it looks like I may need to use an initialise statement in the TextChanged sub routine because if I comment out the sub routine there is no crashing...
  4. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] - B4XFloatTextField - Hiding hint when the user starts to type.

    Greetings. With the B4XFloatTextField, can I hide the hint when the user starts to type? Thanks.
  5. D

    Android Question Hide MainPage - wich command ?

    I'm building an app for Android to receive sms, decode messages and send sms with response, without the need for operator intervention Main modules (code), Starter (service), B4xPage (class module), Sms (service) When app start, MainPage is displayed There is only the MainPage that I am using as...
  6. a6000000

    Android Question [B4A] WebView how to hide Zoom Controls (+) (-) buttons ? setDisplayZoomControls(false)

    in AndroidStudio in WebView, I hide the (+) (-) Zoom Controls UI buttons with : // in AndroidStudio onCreate() : private WebView webView; // .. // hide +- buttons webView.getSettings().setDisplayZoomControls(false); How to hide it in B4A ?
  7. M

    iOS Question Hide TabController in one page (full screen) and display in others

    Hi everyone. I structred my app like so: - Splashscreen (where I test the internet connection) - Login Page - Home Page I would like to use TabBarController (i already did other post in order to understand how to use this thing), but i need it only in Home Page. In splashscreen and Login Page...

    Android Question keyboard hidding field

    hello, Please, do have an idea for that : how to prevent keyboard to hide field when filling it ? Thanks Michel

    Android Question hidding strings into the code

    Hello, For security, Is it necessary, and if yes what is the best method to do for: Hidding particulary parameters or constant or var into the code, like : Public PhaRcs As String = "Mypassword" ' Password Public WebSite As String = "https://www.MyWebSite.com" ' Url Public...
  10. Lucas Eduardo

    Android Question Hide my info from the fiddler program

    Hi community, I am studying a way to hide my information from being shown in the Fiddler Program, but I did not succeed. I was reading in the stackoverflow forum and I came across a post similar to my doubt. In it is placed a code that prevents you from using Proxy while you are using your...