iOS Question Is it possible to hide the title bar of a single page in my B4XPages App?


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Hello! I'm creating a B4XPages app and though I'm focus on iOS. I wonder if is it possible to hide the title and the bar where the title appears of a single page ? I saw a solution in this forum but it works with all the pages and I would like to hide only the title bar of my login screen which is the B4XMainPage. Thanks in advance!


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You can do it with this code in B4i and then in the second page reset it to true.
Main.NavControl.NavigationBarVisible = False

For B4A you can do it in two places (together) but not in a page wise manner :

In Main module:
#Region  Activity Attributes
    #FullScreen: True
    #IncludeTitle: False
#End Region

And in the designer in Activity properties (just uncheck in the picture the Show Title and check Full screen) :

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