1. carlos7000

    Spanish Como volver a B4XMainPage? [Solucionado]

    Sé, que para cargar una pagina de B4XPages empleo un código como este B4XPages.ShowPage("Pagina 2") pero cuando estoy en otra pagina, como hago para mostrar B4XMainPage? si ejecuto por ejemplo esto Private Sub ButtonGuardarYVolver_Click GuardaData B4XPages.ShowPage("B4XMainPage")...
  2. SJQ

    Android Question Home Launcher in Android 10+

    Hi All, I created a B4X home launcher app several years ago (2016) and until recently it’s been working well on dozens of device types. However, recently (on newer devices) the B4X Home launcher starts an application as expected, for example Netflix or BBC iPlayer or another app etc. The...
  3. M

    Android Question App in pause, when resumed go to MAIN activity instead of the current activity

    Hi everyone, i've an app with the Main activity used as Login form. When i user log in i wrote: StartActivity("Home") But if the user put the app in background and then opens it up from the homescreen (not from the recent apps) starts the Main activity instead of the Home activity (that is the...