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Hi All,

I created a B4X home launcher app several years ago (2016) and until recently it’s been working well on dozens of device types.

However, recently (on newer devices) the B4X Home launcher starts an application as expected, for example Netflix or BBC iPlayer or another app etc.

The application runs for a while and when the user finishes with the app and returns home (and this happens if the user exits the launched app by pressing the back button or pressing the home button)

The B4X Home launcher app displays only a white screen.

This does not happen all the time, just randomly and for no apparent reason I can immediately see, the only way to recover is to reboot or swipe down, go to settings and force close on the B4X Home launcher app and then tap the home button again and it all works again.

Watching the apps run in Bridge Logger I’ve noticed that when the issue occurs and the B4X launcher app white screens, activity resume event does not trigger, no code from the main activity runs.

If I leave a timer running in service module it continues to run so the app doesn't appear to be hung, but the main activity will not run.

This is an older app and written in original B4X, will a B4X pages Home Launcher work better in newer versions of Android or is there something else going on here?

Is there something I need to change for newer versions of android?

Anybody else seen this issue?