hosted server

  1. Cliff McKibbin

    Android Example Syncing local databases using PHP to access a database on a hosted server

    My need was to sync calendars in which user 'A' changes the calendar and sends the change to other users by writing records to the hosted database. The other users query periodically to see it they have any incoming sync records and read them if available. I had hoped to use Erel's JDRC2...
  2. D

    iOS Question IPA Upload Error - Hosted Server

    I am using the hosted server, and I keep getting the error Submitting app (this step can take several minutes to complete). Error: 2019-02-22 03:33:01.633 altool[6996:9108790] *** Error: Errors uploading 'xxxxxxxx.ipa': ( "Error Domain=ITunesConnectionOperationErrorDomain Code=1190 \"No...