1. carlos7000

    Android Question Autenticacion Https API [solved]

    Hi. I am trying to create a simple application that allows me to interact with Poloniex Https server. To do this I must use your Api. Try to run the returnBalances command, to know my balances. The code I used was this: Private Sub returnBalances Dim command As String command =...
  2. MarkusR

    B4J Question [solved] B4J Server at Home with SSL (Jetty)

    hello, i have a problem to get data if me used a http(s) server. it not response if me test local at same pc or from web. if me use port 80 with without ssl config it works fine local and extern. in firefox i got a message selfsigned cert if not ok but i clicked ok for allow then nothing...
  3. Lucas Eduardo

    Android Question Exoplayer HTTPS

    How can i play https video in exoplayer? Because when i try to play in VLC PC, for example, It ask me to accept the certificate. Is there a way to do this in exoplayer? I get the following error Error:$HttpDataSourceException: Unable to...