1. MList

    iOS Question iBLE devicefound mac adress

    Hello, i am trying to find the mac adress in ible Devicefound In B4a id contains the mac adress. In B4i id contains something different, but not Mac Adress We have several devices (same type, same Name, same services) and have to choose which one to connect, thats why i show the last 4...
  2. M

    iOS Question BLE delay while sending fast data

    hi everyone, I've an ESP32 and I connect to it using BLE. I want to send data in a fast way to control a ws2812 RGB led strip... but seems to be not possible.. there is a sort of delay. Just for testing I modified the original BLE Example by Erel to add a slider. Take a look at the video, when...
  3. M

    iOS Question [B4X] BLE refresh available Services and Characteristics - Missing Feature?

    Hi everyone, I noticed an important missing feature in the BLE library. It seems to not be possibile to refresh the ServiceList, given the fact that the only place where you can get it is in the "Connected" event.... I'have a BLE Device that exposes a Service only after you complete a...
  4. S

    iOS Question iBLE - Send & receive data string

    Hi someone can help me? I'm using the iBLE library to read and write ascii string by transparent Bluetooth interface module. Using the classic commands of the library I found that the device have 3 Characteristics: "49535343-1E4D-4BD9-BA61-23C647249616" as UIID for TX...
  5. Arnaud

    iOS Question Bluetooth error ?

    Hello, I use Bluetooth BLE for my APP (iBLE 2.01). It works fine with iOS 12 (iphone 5 and iPad), but I have this error with iOS 13.3 (iPhone X) It crash after this line : Application_Start Application_Active Page1_Appear SignalHandler 6 Error occurred on line: 3874 (ChoixSession) Signal -...