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someone can help me?
I'm using the iBLE library to read and write ascii string by transparent Bluetooth interface module.

Using the classic commands of the library I found that the device have 3 Characteristics:
"49535343-1E4D-4BD9-BA61-23C647249616" as UIID for TX
"49535343-8841-43F4-A8D4-ECBE34729BB3" as UIID for RX
"49535343-4C8A-39B3-2F49-511CFF073B7E" as ???

First issue:
By the command manager.WriteDataWithResponse(Service, UUIDTx, pacchetto.StringToBytes("test","UTF8")) I can send a string "test" to the device (I see it on PC terminal connected to the module) but I don't understand why using the command manager.WriteData(Service, UUIDTx, pacchetto.StringToBytes("test","UTF8")) no string is sent.

Second issue:
I never succeedeed to get a async string send by PC terminal!
I try to enable also the manager.SetNotify(Service,UUIDRx,True) after the manager.ReadData(UUIDRx).... without success.
I expect that the manager_DataAvailable (Service As String, Characteristics As Map) will be fired on each packet received by module.....but probably don't work like my desire.

Anyway, I expect that by the command manager.ReadData(UUIDRx) I will found a string, or array, or buffer or at least one charatecter (for each reading command)
in the manager_DataAvailable just fired by the read command but when I check all the 3 characterists I get only a random result like follow:
<B4IArray: 0x281227c30>
(random because they change without any send by terminal)

How I can decode this array?
What I don't undestand?