ide find text

  1. C

    Wish IDE: Find and Replace with CRLF, tab, etc

    Often it is highly desirable to search for text that contains special characters (e.g., CRLF, tab, etc) and/or replace with text that includes such characters. For example, suppose one wants to insert a common sub call following the appearance of a Try block. It is possible to distinguish...
  2. H

    Wish Filter in Quick Search

    Hi, thank you for this great Devtools and really good IDE I really like to work with it. As nothing is as good as it can't be improved, I would like it a bit more to work with the B4X-IDE's if there would be a filter-option for text which is not relevant for the code's functionality. Means...
  3. Derek Johnson

    Wish B4A IDE Longer search field

    With the new position of the search field there is not enough space to show what is being searched for. Please could we have a longer search field.