1. DarkoT

    Other Best idea for creating multilevel layout

    Hi, need idea (best practice) how to create user friendly input in B4J desktop app which will allow user to input WORKORDERS. On first level user will input a "head" (=production order) which will contains customer ID, date, description, ... On second level user should create many workorders...
  2. MarkusR

    Wish Export as Zip with additional libraries

    for exchange or archive projects it is maybe useful to export the whole project including used additional libraries.
  3. MarkusR

    Wish B4XPreferencesDialog

    i think this PreferencesDialog is great for collecting data. nice to have would be a image selector (example for a user image) select from an image list (product from products) measurements L x W x H/ dimensions in meter or cm weights in kg rating 1-5 stars
  4. MarkusR

    Wish daybook in ide

    just a idea. i think a daybook build in the ide would be fine. there we can add entries with a rating / something is going well or not. and then it have a option to upload some entrys into forum / or central database for analysis (a chart) or as help for others or just a feedback for erel...
  5. MarkusR

    Wish designer propertys from runtime at loadlayout

    hello, i have a great idea to make the designer propertys more flexible / useful. i like to have the possibility to call a sub and the return value is used at loadlayout. i believe other editors would name this input expression / formula. as an extra field /data beside all property types which...
  6. J

    Wish IDE: B4A-Bridge: Please don't nest the menu

    Good evening We are working with multiple Android Devices and it's very annoying to find the Way in the IDE Menu just to connect to another Device: Tools » B4A-Bridge » Connect » <Device> It would be great, if you could: Create a B4A-Bridge Top Menu, so that the way gets shorter by one step...
  7. J

    Wish IDE: B4A-Bridge: Please display the Name of the connected Device in the Status bar

    Good evening We are working with multiple Android Devices and it's annoying, that the IDE does not display in the Status bar, which device is connected. It just Displays: "B4A-Bridge: Connected / Disconnected" It would be great if you could display the Name of the connected Device, for...
  8. MarkusR

    new app design idea

    i think its wrong to sale a static app. if we make/sale app modules that the enduser (or maybe a software developer) can connect its more useful. something like plug & play. there is so much waste in duplicated effort & time & money. so much apps contains the same and exists parallel. it...