Wish IDE: B4A-Bridge: Please don't nest the menu


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Good evening

We are working with multiple Android Devices and it's very annoying to find the Way in the IDE Menu just to connect to another Device:

Tools » B4A-Bridge » Connect » <Device>

It would be great, if you could:
  1. Create a B4A-Bridge Top Menu, so that the way gets shorter by one step:
    B4A-Bridge » Connect » <Device>

  2. It would be great if you could streamline the IDE Hotkeys, or even better: allow us to assign Hotkeys. I guess we would assign the keys F4 to F12 to

    F5 - B4A-Bridge Device #1
    F6 - B4A-Bridge Device #2

    F12 - B4A-Bridge Device #8

    so that we can quickly switch between them.
Thanks a lot,
kind regards,


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It is not a problem of the App,
as noted in the Subject, it is a problem of the B4A IDE: The B4A IDE menu structure is unnecessarily deeply nested.