Android Question CallSubdelayed2 + Imagedownloader + 404 not found

    Hello, Im using that kind of script to download images from a website, with the standard ImageDownloader service : links.Initialize links.Put(IvMark, ImgUrl) CallSubDelayed2(ImageDownloader, "Download", links) it works great but unfortunately, some times the image dont always exists...

    Android Question ImageDownloader library + Cache admin

    Hello, im using the library : ImageDownloader in a loop of a few items of a customview I just noticed that the images are systematically downloaded from the server. In fact, I would like to find a way to use the cache when : - the image already exists - and has the same properties. (if...
  3. German Buchmuller

    Android Question sending message to waiting queue issue

    Hi, Ive got an httpserver with images and a text file. My app has a service runing on the background every 30s. It downloads a textfile from my http server, and if it has changed from the previus one, then it pop a notification with the new text. In other words, when I update the content on my...
  4. A

    iOS Question ImageDownloader Module dont work in b4i 5.0

    Hi when use ImageDownloader Module in url in b4i version 5.0 i get error but this module worked correctly in b4i 4.3 use this module like Private Downloader As ImageDownloader Downloader.Initialize...
  5. desof

    Spanish Mostrar/Ocultar imagen si ImageDownloader tuvo éxito o nó

    Hola estoy utilizando este code que funciona correcto para descargar una imagen que no se debería mostrarse si algo falla y no termino de comprender donde sería el mejor lugar para comprobar si esto sucedio! Todos sabemos que hay muchas cosas que podrían impedir que esto suceda como por ejemplo...