1. BugNot

    Android Question B4A ImageSlider with sql

    Hello, About this, THREAD, how to get images with local sql data base? Thanks
  2. Martin Larsen

    Android Question Creating a transparent overlay with rounded corners

    As stated in this post I need to make an image slider with rounded corners. That catch is that there are some rotated and shaded labels over the images and these should have round corners as well. On this sceendump the label corners are not rounded because only the images themselves are rounded...
  3. D

    iOS Question B4i ImageSlider library where is it!

    Hi, Guys I am trying to run Erel's SlidersList example and it requires the ImageSlider library - I simple can't find it, can someone help. Regards Dave
  4. Brandsum

    B4A Library [Moved] xImageSliderIG

    Moved to