Android Question Creating a transparent overlay with rounded corners

Martin Larsen

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As stated in this post I need to make an image slider with rounded corners. That catch is that there are some rotated and shaded labels over the images and these should have round corners as well. On this sceendump the label corners are not rounded because only the images themselves are rounded.

The solution I found worked best is to simply overlay the whole bunch with a transparent mask as shown below:

Now, this is quite tedious to create and takes a bit trial and error, so how do I create this programmatically?

My guess is that a modified version of CreateRoundRectBitmap should be able to do it.


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yes, first rectfill with blue then draw the rounded rectangle with colors.transparent.

that way you can have your bend always correct and sharp unlike resizing a premade image.


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Sub CreateEdge (BackgroundBitmap As B4XBitmap, TargetView As B4XView)
    Dim bc As BitmapCreator
    bc.Initialize(TargetView.Width, TargetView.Height)
    bc.DrawRectRounded(bc.TargetRect, xui.Color_Transparent, True, 0, 20dip)
    bc.SetBitmapToImageView(bc.Bitmap, TargetView)
End Sub
B4J example is attached.


Martin Larsen

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Thanks, Erel, it works perfectly. The antialiasing is not a problem at all, you don't notice it on the phone. You have to make a screendump and zoom in to see it.