1. A

    Android Question Object should first be initialized (Map).

    Hi, I'm having trouble getting a Jason and breaking it down. The error I get says that map is not initialized. But I did this and initialized the map. My Jason contains Persian texts. json : [["شنبه 1401\/01\/13"],["یکشنبه 1401\/01\/14"],["دوشنبه 1401\/01\/15"],["سه شنبه...
  2. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] *** Initialising a JavaObject for tts

    Greetings everyone, I'm writing a small sub routine to stay in a loop until tts has finished speaking based on Erel's coding from this post: Post to determine when tts finishes speaking I coded this sub routine using the coding from the post: Sub StayHereWhileTtsIsSpeaking Do While...
  3. MarcRB

    Android Question Panel.LoadLayout initialize Spinner on it.

    Hello, In Activity_Create I load a basic layout file with some views/controls on it. One of the views is a panel. And there are buttons next and previous. The Activity is a kind of Wizard style. The buttons next and previous will set a variable named intStep. The panel loads different layouts...
  4. magicmars

    Android Question TTSID - Long time to initialize

    Hi, I'm using TTSID library in some Andoid apps. I have noticed that (even with the simplest app) the initialisation of this library can be sometimes very long on some devices (about 5/10 seconds). During that time, the app stop responding (even layout animations hangs) , while waiting for the...
  5. A

    iOS Question [solved] B4XPages - B4XPage_Appear crash

    Hi All, I am trying to set the text for B4XFloatTextField in B4XPage_Appear but it crashes with the stack in the code block below. I understand that when a page appear the events that will raise is B4XPage_Created then B4XPage_Appear, so I am tryin to use B4XPage_Appear since my data is coming...
  6. MitchBu

    Android Question Should not Activity.RemoveViewAt() "de-initialize" a view ?

    I found it more convenient to switch layouts by hiding and showing panels, which support all the views. That way, display is instant between layouts. Before displaying a layout, I test if the panel has been intialized, and if not, then I add the layout to activity. That worked just fine, until...
  7. M

    Android Question B4XView has not Initialize method

    hi everyone, today i was coding an app and when a tried to use an B4Xview the app crashed because it was not initliazed, so i tried to do view.Initialize but the ide says that the method does not exist D: Thanks
  8. Albert Kallal

    Android Question list Initialize2 - same as stuffing array in?

    I have this wee bit of code: Dim f As String = "City,FirstName,LastName" ' field list Dim v As List ' field values v.Initialize2(Array As Object("Jasper","Albert","Kallal"))...
  9. Dave O

    Android Question testing for null vs using isInitialized?

    I'm not clear on the difference between testing an object for NULL vs. using isInitialized. I ran into this because I passed a Null value into a sub, but it crashed on an "object not initialized" error. Here's the code: tip1.addTipForArea(tempRect, Null, "foobar", "barfoo") Public Sub...
  10. H

    Android Question B4XPreferencesDialog initial values

    Hello This code I creating item programmatically: prefdialog.AddTextItem("key","title") How to programmatically initialize a default value? How to programmatically set it as mandatory or optional field? Thank you
  11. Mashiane

    B4J Question [BANAno] [SOLVED] Error 28: Calling Class Instance Subroutine

    Ola Update: I have declared the BANanoObject in Main using '$$' and everything works well, when defined in a class, dololo. The resulting outcome is explained here BANanoWebix I need to initialize an object just like jquery but this one is '$$'. 'clear the form Sub Clear 'Dim d As String...
  12. Olivier Zeegers

    Android Question result initialize randomaccessfile

    Hello, How can I verify that the initialization of a randomaccessfile went OK ? Dim OutFile As RandomAccessFile If File.Exists(File.DirDefaultExternal,"test.wav") Then File.Delete(File.DirDefaultExternal,"test.wav") End If 'Initialize the output file...
  13. MarkusR

    Wish Optional .Initialize()

    the normal syntax is Dim Obj As MyClass Obj.Initialize() but i think this part can be optional if the developer will reset/create a new object Obj.Initialize() so the default code would be Dim Obj As MyClass and i saw that if me using a library .Initialize() it not necessary how about a...
  14. Sandman

    iOS Question [SOLVED] How to know if it's not needed to initialize?

    I have this code, which I believe is correct, even though the variable isn't initialized: ' Check if we have access to the camera Dim llc As LLCamera If llc.AuthorizationDenied Then Log("Fail") End If The linter in the IDE gives me the error "Variable 'llc' was...