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Hi, I'm using TTSID library in some Andoid apps.

I have noticed that (even with the simplest app) the initialisation of this library can be sometimes very long on some devices (about 5/10 seconds).
During that time, the app stop responding (even layout animations hangs) , while waiting for the initialization process to finish.
On all devices, TTS engine is set to Google. All device are samsung ones.


I tried to put this initialization line in the starter service but it's still the same behaviour, although the "hang" happen immediatly before the main layout loading .

I have also noticed that this behaviour do not happen with all devices : with older device, this problem do not occurs, as the initilisation takes maybe one second or less.

Is there a way to improve this lib initilization time ?
If no, how and where can i display something like a a loading indicator not to make believe the user that the application is hang during these 5/10 seconds ?

Thank you


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Hello Erel.
Thank you your your advice.
Indeed the time for initialisation is only between 15 to 80.
So i presume this is not the part of the program that makes the app hang.
that is really strange cause the layout seem to be stuck just after the initialize instruction.
I will try to post a little project to see where it can come from.
thank you btw.
and thank you for this little simple code snippet i use it in many part now to check the execution time of every function.
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