1. Hosein_Mghr

    Android Question Automatic software launch

    I have a project that needs to enable auto-start by the user and check that auto-start is enabled Asking to enable autostart works fine but I can't figure out if autostart is enabled or not I used the following Sub to get auto launch permission : Sub CheckAppAutoStartSomeDevice Try...
  2. drgottjr

    Android Question ActivitySetResult + FileProvider + Bitmap = Failure

    This is a trimmed version of a thread started here: Perhaps the length of the original post was not appropriate. I am trying to figure out why it's possible to send a bitmap...

    Android Question HELP TO TRANSLATE A CODE TO B4A

    Hello They asked me to adapt a code to B4A but I can't find a solution to something. It is about making an app that communicates by INTENT with another that in turn interfaces with some payment devices. They give me the intent parameters but I have not received a response from the other app...
  4. M

    Android Question Very strange Error while using PhoneIntents.OpenBrowser(...) (drawer)

    Hi everyone, i've a CustomListView in a [b4x]Drawer, with some items. Each item has a Value, this value is a custom type called "ComunicationData" that contains several strings, like cd.Link When i click on the clv item, the sub "ItemClick" is fired and is this one: As you can see the code in...
  5. Martin Larsen

    Android Question Starting Google Maps from intent

    I am trying to start Maps from a webview via an intent like here It works in my emulator, but on my phone I get an exception: android.content.ActivityNotFoundException: Unable to find explicit activity class {android/}; have you declared this activity...
  6. nibbo

    Android Question Intercept All Intents

    Hi All Is there a way to display all intents that are raised by a device? The reason I ask is that we have an android device with a built in barcode scanner but no documentation to show what intent is raised when a code is scanned. There are no configuration settings that I can see that reveal...
  7. P

    Android Question Intent SetComponent Usage

    I am trying to open accessibility permissions exactly in my application. What am I doing wrong ?
  8. nibbo

    Android Question Built in barcode scanner

    Hi all We have acquired some Wepoy s96 android devices with built in barcode scanners, proper ones i.e. not using the camera. I can use the scanner in keyboard mode but in complicated apps it is not easy to keep the focus on an edit text so I would rather try to capture the data in either...
  9. KMatle

    Android Example Retrieve one or multiple image(s) shared to your app

    With this code you can retrieve images shared to your app (e.g. if a user selects one or more images from the gallery and selects "Share..."). No permissions are required as the user selects the images :) Add this to the manifest (send = one image, multiple = multiple images) *code optimized*...
  10. D

    Android Question Receiving multiple shared images from other apps

    Following the tutorial here: I was wondering if the code in the above tutorial can be modified to accept multiple images... We need a new manifest addition: AddActivityText(Main...
  11. Multiverse app

    Android Question Extreme assistant third party support

    Google has made a series of intents for it's 'OK Google' voice search: for third-party integrations. I...