1. Mashiane

    B4J Tutorial [Web] SithasoIONIC7 Wireframes: A Step-by-Step Guide to Professional Ionic 7 Mobile Apps Designs

    Good day family... ANNOUNCEMENT: 07 Feb 2014 - We welcome the Voice Command KITT (#23) So I tried my first voice recording today. I wanted to make a live recording, will learn how to do that soon enough. Please receive my apologies about the sound quality, Im using my phone earphones and...
  2. Z

    Hybrid Mobile Developer

    Hi We have a laravel website and a FileMaker app We are interested in a simple hybrid mobile application to do the following: - log in - Push notifications (from web and desktop app) - accept/ reject offer - page with offer history
  3. netkomm

    B4X : Some suggestions and ideas for Erel

    Hi Erel, I have some suggestions about B4X and, given that for necessity I had to move away from B4A/B4I and jump ship to Ionic and soon Flutter, this is my feedback I can offer so that B4X could be a valid alternative to those environments especially for many of us who are a 1 man show and...