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    iOS Question iOS Library missing arm64 architecture

    Hi I am trying to build a B4i Library to use Google MLVision Libraries. I have created a static library in Xcode and compiled it and used cocoapods to get the google dependency frameworks. If comment out all MLVision related code and recompile it and add it to my local build server I can call...
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    iOS Question Building Swift B4i Libraries

    Hi Erel I am wanting to integrate Googles ML Kit into an application on both Android and iOS. I have managed to do this on Android using Eclipse to build the wrapper library and integrate it into B4A application that works as excepted. I am now trying to do the same thing for B4i application...
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    Wish RESideMenu lib

    HI Everyone im glad to join your big community its very nice to be here with the best developers im not sure i post in a right place so anyway I wish anyone help me with wrapping a lib from a github its a very nice lib and its good to be wrap in b4i link of GitHub project...