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Hi Erel

I am wanting to integrate Googles ML Kit into an application on both Android and iOS. I have managed to do this on Android using Eclipse to build the wrapper library and integrate it into B4A application that works as excepted. I am now trying to do the same thing for B4i application using Xcode to build a wrapper library around Googles ML Kit. I have managed to install all google dependencies and build a swift wrapper library, but I have a few questions.
  1. If I am using the hosted mac build service how do I include any new libraries that I have built?
  2. If I should really be using the local mac builder how to I get it / upgrade to it from the hosted service?
  3. How does B4i supports swift libraries directly.
  4. I have been going through the forum and YouTube videos, but is there any tutorials for integrating swift or native iOS libraries or building custom libraries with events etc. Much like the Android ones using Eclipse.



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