1. Alexander Stolte

    B4A Library [B4X] [XUI] AS ViewPagerNative based on AHViewPager and iTabstrip

    The goal was to create a cross-platform viewpager based on existing viewpagers. Since AHViewPager and iTabstrip are very different, the view helps to create a unified interface. I spend a lot of time in creating views, some views i need by my self, but some views not and to create a high...
  2. M

    iOS Question iTabStrip remove top bar

    Hi everyone, i started using B4i, so many things are different from B4A. In B4A i used TabStripViewPager , and I assume that the equivalent in B4i is iTabStrip. In b4a i only have a two pages tabstrip that can be scrolled to switch between the pages but without the navigation bar. How it's...
  3. S

    iOS Question iTabstrip and B4XDrawer

    When using a tabstrip placed within a b4xdrawer's centerpanel you cannot open the sliding menu using the gesture. Would it be possible to solve this? Tabstrip and B4XDrawer on Android have the behaviour I'm looking for, where if the slide comes from the edge of the screen it pulls open the...