java error in b4a

  1. joko0124

    Android Question Compiling generated Java code

    Hello everyone! Can you please help me with this error? I've noticed that whenever I run my projects, command prompt was automatically loading but it's too fast that I can't see what was saying there. Actually I've just run my project last Thurs, we had a holiday break from Friday to Sunday but...
  2. M

    Android Question Error when compiling generated java code

    Hello everyone, I'm having a issue when I try compile and run my program. He was working before some changes, but I can't find the problem and don't find any similar thread here. Apparently the function is receiving more arguments than should receive, but I don't know why either how fix it. Here...
  3. Marcos Alves

    Android Question Java Code Error

    Hello, I'm trying to compile an app with the code: #If Java public static String toHtml(TextView sourceText) { String returnString = Html.toHtml(sourceText); return returnString; } public static TextView fromHtml(String htmlString) {...