java error in b4a

  1. A

    Android Question Could not find file error

    Hello . I get an error with changing Windows in all b4a projects. The following error is displayed to me: ‌ Copying libraries resources Error Could not find file 'F:\pr back\myproject\kasraei\Objects\bin\temp.ap_'. I have tried different versions of Java. But my problem is not solved. In...
  2. joko0124

    Android Question Compiling generated Java code

    Hello everyone! Can you please help me with this error? I've noticed that whenever I run my projects, command prompt was automatically loading but it's too fast that I can't see what was saying there. Actually I've just run my project last Thurs, we had a holiday break from Friday to Sunday but...
  3. M

    Android Question Error when compiling generated java code

    Hello everyone, I'm having a issue when I try compile and run my program. He was working before some changes, but I can't find the problem and don't find any similar thread here. Apparently the function is receiving more arguments than should receive, but I don't know why either how fix it. Here...
  4. Marcos Alves

    Android Question Java Code Error

    Hello, I'm trying to compile an app with the code: #If Java public static String toHtml(TextView sourceText) { String returnString = Html.toHtml(sourceText); return returnString; } public static TextView fromHtml(String htmlString) {...