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Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by Marcos Alves, Feb 17, 2019.

  1. Marcos Alves

    Marcos Alves Active Member Licensed User


    I'm trying to compile an app with the code:
    #If Java

        public static String toHtml(TextView sourceText) {
            String returnString = Html.toHtml(sourceText);
            return returnString;
        public static TextView fromHtml(String htmlString) {
             TextView returnView = Html.fromHtml(htmlString);
            return returnView;
    #End If
    But getting the error:

    src\com\texttest\ error: cannot find symbol
    public static String toHtml(TextView sourceText) {
    symbol: class TextView
    location: class main

    What's wrong? I really don't have practice to build java code in B4A... could anybody help?

  2. JohnK

    JohnK Active Member Licensed User

    just a guess, but maybe the import is missing?

    import android.text.Html;
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