1. LWGShane

    Wish Downloads Page Suggestions

    1) Add OpenJDK 14 to the downloads page for all IDEs that require JDK. 2) For JDK 8.0 add a secondary to link BellSoft's Liberica JDK 8.0. BellSoft does not require an account to download JDK. However, it MUST be the "Full JDK" as that's the one that contains JavaFX.
  2. Peter Simpson

    B4J Tutorial šŸ’” Printing on A4 and Letter sized paper

    Hello all, As the title say, this is a quick tutorial on how to print on A4 or Letter sized paper using the follow information provided by Steve Laming (better known as @stevel05). CLICK HERE for B4J Print JavaFX 8 I have attached two PDF files showing example printouts for both A4 and letter...