1. mcqueccu

    Android Question okhttputils with delayed Javascript

    Hello, I am trying to get direct extracted youtube link from this website, But the httputils completes before the page is fully loaded, so I am unable to get the link. The Link comes behind a download button and it seems its loaded by a javascript I need help in extracting the...
  2. Phayao

    Android Question Mouseover effect by javascript not working in webview

    Hello, I could not find a solution in the forum, so i ask here: I load a html file which contains javascript via webview.loadurl. The javascript defines a mouseover or hover effect on <a> tags: Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime As Boolean) Activity.LoadLayout("Layout")...
  3. a6000000

    German von html javascript game zur app -prinzipielles Vorgehen Frage

    Hallo, habe ein kleines game, besteht aus html und javascript : index.html und folder mit script.js und pictures und schriftarten und css ... Im Browser funktioniert es auf dem Telefon, auch ohne php SERVER : einfach als FILE index.html von der memory card mit Browser starten...
  4. Bruce Axtens

    Share My Creation BOKE - Bruce's Own Klong Editor

    Can be found on github. Uses the same menu setup engine as BOLE. Klong "is an array language, like K, but without the ambiguity. If you know K or APL, you may be disappointed by Klong. If you don't know any array languages, it might explode your brain. Use at your own risk!"
  5. Mashiane

    B4J Library SQLite 2 JavaScript / JSON

    Ola I needed to embed a sqlite db as part of a web app i'm working on, but as JavaScript / JSON. This app helps with converting your sqlite db to javascript. This is useful when one wants to use the data for READ ONLY purposes, my case in point. 1. Add the database that you want to be...
  6. Bruce Axtens

    Android Question BOLE - Scriptable editor

    Have just posted BOLE which is a javascript-scriptable programming tool for a language called mLite which I used to fiddle with in 2014. It depends on JRLIni which I can't find here anymore. What's the replacement now for INI files? I may have posted BOLE here before. This is the same code
  7. walterf25

    B4J Question BaNano JavaScript

    Hello everyone, first of all i apologize if this question is somewhat stupid, i honestly don't have much experience with HTML or JavaScript, i started playing around with BaNano library, I started wrapping the WebRTC library for android, but I wanted to see if i could create the WebRTC server...
  8. Patent

    B4J Question HTML and JS for dynamic autocomplete datalist ???

    Dear Community, i am messing with a small app, which should do a youtube-like (or other web-searches) search box. See my try. I am endig up at 95%. :mad: Maybe a JS Expert could give an advice. What is missing: I got the JSON String from the YT Server and get them also on the B4J side (do a...
  9. Mashiane

    B4J Question Please help in creating an independent paging web component

    Hi there I need to create a pagination component that one can use in a listview / table seamlessly. This off course should be a web component, pure vanulla js (preferably) or jquery will do. If you have something already please guide the through.. Ta Thanks in advance
  10. Mashiane

    B4J Question [BANano]: [SOLVEd] How to CallSub inside #If JavaScriptSmart?

    Hi there I'd like to call a b4j function inside a javascript function, here is an example.. #if JavascriptSmart $(document).on('pagebeforeshow', '#headline', function(){ ${BANano.CallSub(Me, "LoadSelectedMovie", Null)} }); #End If Sub LoadSelectedMovie 'clear the listview content...
  11. Israel Garcia

    B4J Question Is there any way to .... elements by "type"

    Is there is some way out there for ABMaterial to refer to the styles of the objects by means of the "class" and not the "type"? I am working on the development of a project using B4J / ABMaterial, combining with some extra javascript plugins like w2ui. how to make ABMaterial not change the...
  12. Mashiane

    B4J Tutorial Beginning Firebase Database in JavaScript: CRUD-ing around

    Hi there... Anyway, this should not be long. Many moons I was requested to work on a firebase wrap for ABM. Im not there yet, but this should be a start. I'm still getting a hang of it and more will follow as I make more progress. I'm testing this for something I'm doing, however you can use...